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Creating a sponsored message campaign

Facebook sponsored message campaigns allow you to send promotions, offers and updates directly to your messenger audiences. There are a couple of limitations

  • Audience must have enough existing conversations to target
  • Only targets audience who have engaged in the last 365 days
  • Minimum CPM bids are required

To create a sponsored message:

Go to your Facebook business manager and hit the Green create button then select messages

sponsored facebook messages

Then name your campaign, ad set and ad creative

 ad set and ad creative

Then we look at configuring at the Ad Set level

  • Under Ad Type select Sponsored Message
  • Select your lifetime or daily budget
  • Change you bid level
    • Currently find $50+ is a good place to start

You can then add more detailed targeting but keep an eye on the over all audience size.

facebook audience size

Messenger campaigns to your existing audience require time to get in front of your subscribers, so working out the expected cost per 000 in relation to your budget plus giving the campaign enough time to run is essential.

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