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Facebook image ads specs

Facebook Image Ad Specs for all placements

Image Ads Facebook feed

The Facebook news feed contains updates from friends, pages, groups and advertisers. Advertisers can use the news feed to show off product, service and brand. These Facebook ads can drive traffic to site, shop events or collect lead data. Making use of all the Facebook image ads specs can enable your ads to show in their best light.

Image ads design recommendations

  • File type: JPG or PNG
    • Recommended file types
  • Ratio: 1.91:1, 9:16 1:1
    • Landscape 1.91:1 recommended minimum resolution 1200×628 pixels
    • Vertical 9:16 recommended minimum resolution 1080×1920 pixels
    • Square 1:1 recommended minimum resolution 1080×1080 pixels
  • Maximum file size 8mb

Avoid too much text on the image itself

This issue has now been resolved with Facebook no longer restricting text on image

More detail on Facebook image ad specs here

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