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Facebook Conversions API

What is Facebook Conversions API and what does it mean for you?

There are new changes around how Facebook can receive and process conversion events from tools like Facebook Pixel in browsers supplied by Apple and other major providers.

This change is part of a broader update expected to see 3rd party cookies made obsolete. In essence, the iOS updates mean that websites can only operate with 8 conversion rates per domain but major browsers are looking to retire this function entirely.

What does this mean for Facebook conversion tracking?

Using the new Facebook Conversions API allows websites to track all the important elements and feed the data back into your Facebook ads campaigns to help improve the overall performance and measurement.

You can use Facebook Conversions API to:

  • Measure customer actions in more ways. For example, you can share delayed values, user scores or lead scores and use them for optimisation in our other business tools. This gives you further visibility into your customer’s full journey.
  • Help improve accuracy of information sent for targeting, measurement and optimisation when used in addition to the pixel.
  • Control the data you share. Conversions API is designed to give you more control over what data you share and when you share it (when implemented separately from pixel).

Server events are linked to your pixel and behave like browser pixel events in the following ways:

  • They’re used for the same types of ad optimisation, including conversion optimisation and value optimisation.
  • They appear in most of the same surfaces, including Ads Manager and Events Manager.
  • They obey the same Facebook controls and restrictions, such as our off-Facebook activity tool and the Facebook Business Tools Terms.

Source: Facebook

Integrating Facebook Conversions API to your website

The good news is major platforms like WordPress and Shopify already have integration tools in place and ready to go. Making sure these integrations are set up will allow campaigns to run whilst infrastructure changes are happening, enabling your Facebook Ads campaigns to continue performing.

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