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SEO Demystified

Sound the trumpets! Our fearless leader was recently interviewed by the very talented (and clearly talent discerning) Rachel Staggs, Director of SRS Coaching and Consulting, who specialises in marketing for the financial services sector.

She’s also put together this very handy guide as to where exactly in the podcast you can find the information you want. Not that we wouldn’t want to listen to all 17 minutes and 48 seconds. On repeat.

1:08 – What doe SEO mean and how does it work?

3:15 – The differences between platforms used to build a website

3:41 – The types of businesses that should use SEO

4:24 – Strategy for SEO

7:20 – What Google Ad words are

9:45 – Generating more website traffic

11:56 – Tracking and interpreting information

12:34 – What an Ad Words campaign looks like


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