Improved Analytics Administration via Property Moving

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Improved Analytics Administration via Property Moving

To meet their mission of providing world-class digital analytics data, Google has announced the release of a feature we’ve been very eager to get our hands on for a while now – the ability to move a Google Analytics or Analytics 360 property between accounts! It’s critical to continually improve the core of Google Analytics, and we anticipate this will be a very helpful feature to improve the organisation of Analytics accounts and get more power out of advanced features.


Cleaner Accounts
With Google Analytics now over a decade old, it’s been a while since many of our customers created their first Analytics accounts. And until now, every time a property was created, it was housed permanently in its account. With the introduction of property moving, you are now able to simplify your accounts, and group properties together in a way that makes the most sense for your current business needs.

Enhancing Features like Rollup Reporting
There are many features in Google Analytics that work well across properties within a single account, but not across multiple Analytics accounts. With property moving, you can now consolidate properties in the individual accounts that make the most sense and enjoy feature parity across all of those properties.

Roll-Up Reporting (available only in Analytics 360) lets you aggregate data from multiple properties within a single account; property moving lets you consolidate related properties within a single account. These two features combine to let you organise your data and reporting structure in the ways that are most relevant to your business.

Consolidating properties within a single account offers additional benefits:

  • You can apply the same set of filters to the views in all of those properties
  • You can easily manage users for the properties and views in a single account
  • You can use Change History to see all events from all properties in the same account

Ownership Transfers
Many customers may have had a third party (eg. an agency) create a property for their website inside the third party’s Analytics account. This is certainly where we have had the most trouble over the years. This effectively housed the property into an account that someone else owns & controls. With property moving, it’s now possible to move such a property outside of its original account and into a new one so that the property owner can have full control of their property.

How It Works

Moving a Property
In order to move a property from one Google Analytics account (called the “source account”) to another (called the “destination account”), you must have full access to both accounts. This means you must have Edit and Manage Users permissions for both the source and destination accounts. These high requirements to ensure only properly authorised users can perform this powerful action; and, in case a mistake is made, the user can move the property back to the source account. Learn More

To get started, login to your Google Analytics account, and visit the Admin section. Visit the “Property Settings” page for the property you’d like to move, and select the “Move Property” button in the top right corner. Here’s what the process looks like:

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