Google Ads ups its ad-word count

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Google Ads ups its ad-word count

Got more to say? Well, Google’s listened, recently making changes to expanded text ads so that you have more room to spread your message to customers. In short, you can now add a third headline, add a second description and use up to 90 characters for each description.

Basically, it’s more of what you already do. But with almost 50% more ad text available, plus an additional headline, expanded text ads allow you to connect with users and drive more, convertible clicks to your website.

It’s tempting to just chuck in a second headline, but it’s worth rethinking your entire message to construct a more compelling ad as part of an effective ad campaign. Take advantage of your character limits – every word is another chance to entice someone to click.

Optimising your headlines is also important. The two headline fiends are separated by a hyphen – consider which should go first, and how it will look as two lines on smaller screens, ie on mobile devices.

Use as much information as possible, including deep links into your website or business location extensions – this can increase your ad’s performance. Another tip is to try out different variations on your expanded text ads to see which perform best for your business.

Ultimately, words are power. And more words mean more powerful ads.

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