Facebook lead campaigns | Step-by-step digital marketing

Internet marketing | 11/04/2020

Facebook lead campaigns | Step-by-step digital marketing

Facebook lead campaigns | Step-by-step digital marketing 1

Facebook ads can deliver loads of good quality leads, but they only work when combined with great audiences, compelling messaging and valuable lead magnets.


Facebook audiences are an evolving entity, they can be collected in a number of ways:

  • Customer lists
  • Website traffic
  • Facebook interests data
  • Facebook demographic data

Building good audiences is the starting point. These then need to develop them through effective conversion tracking and machine learning.


Knowing your business means you understand your audience. And understanding what an audience needs from your business is the first step towards crafting effective messaging in social-media advertising. It’s important to research existing online and offline promotional material to understand current effective campaigns, and convert them into a digital experience.

Lead magnets

Facebook advertising represents disruptive advertising – the user’s consumption of media is interrupted by your ad. Leveraging effective lead magnets keeps that attention. Think:

  • Download a free guide
  • Exclusive pricing guide
  • 10 tips to choosing your new …

These lead magnets represent an exchange of information: you provide some downloadable/viewable content in return for user information. Lead magnets can work either natively on Facebook or through high converting pages on a website.

These ads also appear higher up the “buying funnel” – at the point of consideration and/or research – targeting people who have the problem, with the solution – ie, your business. Facebook’s ability to segment audiences and target them is very effective. So effective, when your mate says “Facebook’s listening to our conversation!”, this is why.

Lead nurture

Modern, online buying cycles are much longer than your traditional shopping centre visit. Initial online research, endless price comparisons, abandoning cart, only to start the process again – it’s a drawn-out process. The management of Facebook leads uses nurture sequences and regular gentle contact points help transform enquiries into leads.

Drip-feeding information to potential clients can help get them to the buying decision. Such nurture sequences can include:

  • Limited time offers
  • More detail around product or service
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Options for finance
  • Extended warranty
  • Other special offers


Automation allows campaigns to pass data to the potential customer in areas like nurture sequences or lead-magnet delivery as well as updating the business that new leads have been acquired. All without you having to lift a finger (except to call those leads back!)

Notifications from Facebook can pass the new customer data to your business via email, and can also be added to a CRM, email service or Google sheet to build a usable database for future marketing (including in Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms).

New leads can also be automatically added to nurture sequences, whether via chatbots (Facebook Messenger specific) or into mail services like campaign monitor or SMS services (manychat). Using these tools, scheduled updates can be configured to update the user automatically.

Tracking – Tags (Pixels)

The engine room of an effective campaign, the tracking pixel or tracking code enables us to track users and then develop audiences based on the most engaged users. The Facebook Advertising platform then helps identify people more likely to convert and deliver more leads.

The following tags and tools enable the website to capture actionable user data to enable customer targeting and data collection:

  • Google Tag Manager
    • Helps manage all tags
    • Track specific onsite actions
    • Improves site speed
  • Google analytics
    • Installed
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Twitter Pixel
  • Linkedin Pixel

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