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Direct Google business searches – someone plugging in your business name or address – only accounts for 16% of total searches. The other 84? Discovery. This is when a customer searches for a category, product or service that you offer, and your listing appears.

A Google My Business local listing answers this call for help with your business name, address, contact details, location map, services list, opening hours, pictures, relevant deals or offers… It’s basically a miniature version of your website, right there at the top of the page. (In fact, right above that highly coveted #1 ranking on Google.)

The way we search for local businesses changes as quickly as the smartphone you hold in your hand.

Here’s a small example of what local listings can do for your business:

  • Create the most comprehensive business profiles in the vital business directories, including business hours, work days, photos, and payment options.
  • Edit the information in one place and get consistent and correct business data in all directories at once.
  • Become voice-search ready, with automatic distribution of the information to Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, and Google.
  • Help potential customers find you quickly online and offline by keeping the right business data without duplicates across the web.
  • Get accurate information about how your business performs on a local level and how easily users find it.
  • Analyse the trend of your position among all local businesses on Google local finder.
  • Receive reports on how your listings perform: how often you were searched and displayed.

As more and more searches are conducted on our phones, be it thanks to Siri or our own overextended thumbs, local listings are crucial. In fact, they should be an extension of your brand. Not least as Google found mobile is helping us shop local: “near me” searches have tripled year-on-year, with almost 80% of shoppers going in store when they have an item they want immediately.

And who doesn’t love the words “triple”, “in store” and “immediately”?



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