Digital marketing and Covid-19

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Digital marketing and Covid-19

Managing through COVID

Supporting businesses is what we do, and will continue to do throughout this challenging time. Home-services-based businesses may see an increase in demand, particularly as we become more housebound; others will be under more pressure – but ALL will be accessed online.

It’s a pressure cooker, but pressure cookers are where great brands and businesses are forged. Having a great customer service and e-commerce experience is imperative during times like this. Thinking about how you can leverage your marketing to address issues caused by COVID-19, such as store or restaurant closures, is a good place to start.

Being flexible as a business owner is important at this time. This could be offering a delivery service where you didn’t before. Or implementing no-contact services within your industry. Thinking outside the box and promoting it online, to your database and on social media reinforces your commitment in reducing contamination.

Use the opportunity to build great content, spring clean the business and do all those niggly jobs filed away under “rainy day”. Brainstorm content ideas and plan marketing initiatives for now and for when you are back to full steam and ready to maximise your business.

We’re a small-to-medium sized business just like you, and believe that the best way through the coming few weeks and months is to support each other. We’re here if you need a change in campaign strategy, advice on customer communications or customised support.

Stay safe and positive – we are in this together.

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